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A lemon law claim, otherwise known as a breach of contract claim, and specifically a breach of warranty claim, is a claim against the vehicle manufacturer, the dealership, or both. In California, the State Legislature enacted the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act to protect consumers who purchase defective vehicles at retail. California’s Civil Code contains detailed information about the lemon law in California.

When a consumer purchases a new vehicle (and sometimes a used vehicle), the manufacturer of the vehicle provides you, the consumer, certain “assurances” as specified in their express warranty and implied warranty of merchantability. An express warranty may be written or may be made by statements such as “30 MPG highway.” The implied warranty of merchantability dictates that the vehicle must perform and work as the vehicle was intended, or as a vehicle should.

If the car does not comply with the vehicle manufacturer warranties, then the vehicle manufacturer, car dealership, or both, may have breached those warranties.

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Attorney Luis Aguirre is an Anaheim lemon law attorney and a United States Military veteran that focuses his practice on breach of vehicle manufacturer warranty law, also known as the lemon law. Our Orange County location is perfectly suited to helping clients in Anaheim, CA, who have been victims of defective truck and vehicle purchases. 

Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Aguirre worked at a law firm that defends the lemon law claims of a major U.S. car manufacturer. Mr. Aguirre has fought on the opposing side of the matter. He understands the strategies and tactics that vehicle manufacturers use to keep them accountable for breaching their warranties.

Attorney Luis Aguirre is a U.S. military veteran of 12 years, both on the active and reserve components. He has two master’s of law (LLM) degrees and a Juris Doctor degree (J.D.). Attorney Aguirre is an immigrant to the United States, a nation he is grateful for and one he served honorably and proudly. 

If you choose to work with our law firm, we commit to defending you zealously, with honesty and integrity, and to keeping you informed of your case.

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A highly experienced lawyer examines whether a car manufacturer breached their warranties by not delivering on their promises as specified in the vehicle manufacturer’s warranties and matches those breaches against the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and other related statutes. Our law office is here to support you with your legal concerns. We are here for you!

If you are looking for an Anaheim lemon law attorney and are concerned that your car manufacturer may have breached the express and implied warranties made to you by failing to provide you with a properly working vehicle, then you may have a lemon law claim.

The best way to find out whether your vehicle is a lemon is to contact a knowledgeable lemon law attorney to examine your matter. After all, the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act provides for attorney’s fees and costs to be paid by the vehicle manufacturer if the consumer prevails. Contact our law firm today to schedule an appointment.

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