Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Lemon Law Attorney

California Certified Pre-Owned Car Lemon Law Attorney

I am Luis Aguirre, a California attorney. I focus my law practice in vehicle manufacturer breach of warranty, commonly known as lemon law. I also focus my practice on vehicle dealership breach of contract, vehicle dealership fraud, and vehicle dealership misrepresentation. I have helped clients recover the compensation they deserve under California lemon law and related statutes.

If you have recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle from a dealer that has been marked as “certified” and the vehicle has had problems that still exist after a reasonable number of repairs or service, you may have a lemon and may be entitled to actual damages compensation, and possibly additional damages. My goal is to help you get back on the road with confidence and peace of mind – without worrying about whether you are driving a lemon.

If you retain me as your attorney, I will investigate whether your vehicle qualifies for California lemon law protection; assess what type of relief that may be available to you; and will review your options before taking any legal action against the dealer and/or manufacturer; and, if necessary, file a lemon lawsuit on your behalf.

California Lemon Laws

In California, lemon laws may apply to new, used, and leased vehicles depending on the circumstances, that are bought from a dealership. Generally, California lemon laws offer protection to consumers who have purchased or leased a vehicle that does not conform to the vehicle manufacturer’s original warranties, or extended warranties because of a certification program between the vehicle dealership and vehicle manufacturer. For a car to be deemed a lemon, it must meet a set of criteria found in the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, including having a “nonconformity,” or problem that relates to the vehicle manufacturer original warranties that affects the vehicle safety, use, and/or value, and the vehicle cannot be conformed to the vehicle manufacturer’s original warranties after a reasonable number of attempts. 

The Difference Between Buying a Used Car and a Certified-Pre-owned Car

Generally, in order for a vehicle to be a certified pre-owned vehicle, the vehicle has to be in better condition than a used vehicle. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer and dealership that sells these certified pre-owned vehicles, these vehicles usually have fewer miles than a used vehicle and are newer than a used vehicle. Furthermore, in order for a California dealership to advertise these vehicles for sale as “certified,” the vehicle title cannot be branded as a lemon, cannot have frame damage, and cannot have “sustained damage in an impact, fire, or flood, that after repairs prior to the sale substantially impairs the use or safety of the vehicle.” CVC 11713.18. These vehicles usually also undergo an inspection process before being offered for sale, and the vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty or warranties are extended for a certain number of years, or miles, whichever comes first. 

The Difference Between an Extended Warranty and a Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

A “true” vehicle certified pre-owned warranty extends the vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty or warranties, for a period of time or miles. An extended warranty that is not backed by the vehicle manufacturer is generally a service contract, which in turn is in essence a type of insurance policy offered by a third party and only covers and excludes specific conditions as outlined by the policy. California lemon law applies to true vehicle certified pre-owned warranty, or warranties backed by the vehicle manufacturer, but do not apply to service warranties backed by a third-party insurance.

Getting Help from a Certified Pre-Owned Lemon Law Attorney in Orange County

If you have recently purchased a certified pre-owned car and are experiencing problems with it, even after several attempts to repair it, do not hesitate to contact an experienced lemon law attorney

Luis Aguirre is a military veteran that will with your matter with military precision and keep you constantly informed of your matter. Contact us to speak with a top lemon law attorney today.

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