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A breach of a warranty claim, also known as a lemon law claim, is against the vehicle manufacturer, the dealership, or both entities. California’s state legislature passed the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act to protect individuals who purchased or leased defective vehicles. You can find more information regarding the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act in California’s Civil Code, section 1790, et seq

When a consumer buys a new car or truck (and in some cases a used one), the vehicle’s manufacturer guarantees the consumer specific “guarantees,” as defined in their express warranties and implied warranties of merchantability. For instance, a manufacturer may claim that a vehicle is capable of getting 36 miles-per-gallon on the highway, which would be an express warranty. An express warranty of merchantability may be verbal or written. An implied warranty of merchantability means that a vehicle should perform and work as intended.  

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Luis Aguirre is a Laguna Hills lemon law lawyer and U.S. military veteran that practices breach of manufacturer warranty law, also known as lemon law. Our law firm is perfectly situated to work on behalf of residents living in the Laguna Hills area and surrounding Orange County vicinity who have been victims of defective vehicle purchases. 

Before embarking on a career as an attorney, Mr. Aguirre was part of a legal firm representing a major U.S. vehicle manufacturer against lemon law claims. This experience provided him with a unique perspective on internal operations and practices, including deceptive tactics used to free them of any responsibility for their wrongdoing. 

Today, attorney Luis Aguirre is on your side of the issue with a deep commitment to prevailing in your case by anticipating the next move that a vehicle manufacturer might use to walk away freely and avoid any responsibility for their wrongdoing. 

Attorney and Proud U.S. Military Veteran

Luis Aguirre proudly served in the U.S. Armed Forces and is a veteran of 12 years, both on the active and reserve components. His educational background consists of two master’s of law degrees and a Juris Doctor degree (J.D.). He is an immigrant to the United States of America, a country for which he holds great admiration and served proudly as a member of its military forces. 

Our law firm is committed to serving you with integrity, honesty, transparency, and keeping you informed on your case status at all times. Most of all, we are fiercely dedicated to defending you zealously. 

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Let our Legal Offices Handle your Case with Military Precision

An experienced lemon law attorney will examine whether a vehicle or truck manufacturer breached its contract by not delivering on its promises as indicated on their vehicle manufacturer warranties and matching those violations against the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and other related statutes. We are here to support and guide you through the extensive legal process and make it as convenient as possible. 

If you are searching for an experienced laguna hills lemon law attorney and are concerned that a car manufacturer may have breached their contract or warranty by not providing you with a properly functioning vehicle, then you may have a lemon law case. 

One of the best ways to know whether you have a lemon is by contacting a knowledgeable attorney to look at your matter and discuss your options. The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act provides for attorney fees and expenses to be paid by the vehicle manufacturer. 

Find out more and contact us today to schedule a free no-obligation lemon law consultation with attorney Luis Aguirre. 

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    How many times has the vehicle been in the shop for repairs?

    Did you finance the vehicle with a loan?

    What did you purchase?

    What is going on with the vehicle? Select all that apply.

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