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Luis Aguirre is an Accomplished Lemon Law Attorney and U.S. Military Veteran Devoted to Defending Your Rights

Newport Beach lemon law attorney

I am Luis Aguirre, a Newport Beach lemon law attorney, and my focus is on breach of contract or lemon law. I am here to help defend you with your legal case. If you reside in Newport Beach, CA, and feel you have been a victim of a defective vehicle purchase, reach out to us today. 

About My Experience

Before becoming an attorney, I worked for an outside law firm that defends one of the major auto manufacturers’ lemon law claims. I am a United States Military veteran of 12 years, both on the reserve and active components.

I am fully committed to working on your case with military precision. Beyond my law degree (J.D.), I hold two masters of law (LLM) degrees.

When you retain me as your attorney, I commit to the following: to represent you zealously, to serve you with honesty and integrity, to diligently work on your case myself, to keep you informed on the status of your case, and to return communication promptly.

I am completely fluent in Spanish.

About Lemon Law Claims

A lemon law claim is a breach of contract claim against the company of a vehicle. In California, lemon law derives from the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act established by the California State Legislature.

When you buy a new car from a dealership, the car company gives the purchaser “promises” in the form of an expressed warranty and an implied warranty of merchantability. The manufacturer’s warranties guarantee that the vehicle will “conform” to their assurances.

If the vehicle does not conform to these guarantees, and these “nonconformities” would “substantially hinder the vehicle’s use, cost, or safety,” the company may have breached the contract.

Both expressed and implied warranties run simultaneously, indicating they run at the same time.

The Difference Between an Expressed and Implied Warranties

An expressed warranty is explicit. In a brochure or advertisement, the manufacturer makes specific promises that the car can do certain things. The implied warranty of merchantability is an implied promise that the vehicle can function and run as it should.

How Our Law Firm Can Help With Your Case

A good attorney’s job is to determine whether the manufacturer breached their contract by not delivering on their promises as stated by their warranty and match these “breaches” up against the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Our law offices are here to help you with legal advice and representation.

If you are searching for a lemon law attorney in Newport Beach, CA and feel that you the car manufacturer may have violated their contract, you may be eligible to file for a lemon law claim.

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