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A breach of vehicle warranty claim, also known as a lemon law claim, is made against the vehicle manufacturer. The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act was enacted in California to protect consumers who have purchased defective vehicles from a California dealership and that are under the vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty. More information on this law is available under Section 1790 of the California Civil Code, and related California statutes such as the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Competition Law, and False Advertisement such as Business and Professions Code 17200 and 17500.

When a consumer buys a new car (and in certain situations, a used car), the vehicle manufacturer offers their express and implied warranties. An express warranty is an explicit promise on behalf of the vehicle manufacturer. For example, the warranty may state that for every 35 miles driven, you can expect to get 15 mpg-highway gas mileage. Express warranties may be written or verbal. On the other hand, Implied warranties are not explicitly written but rather inferred by law regarding how a vehicle should function and perform. 

Experience and Trust You Can Count On

Luis Aguirre is a San Clemente lemon law attorney and U.S. military veteran that practices breach of vehicle manufacturer warranty, also known as the lemon law. Our law firm is poised to represent residents living in San Clemente and surrounding  Orange County, CA areas, who have purchased defective vehicles or trucks from auto manufacturers. 

Attorney Luis Aguirre is a formidable opponent for car manufacturers. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Aguirre was part of a law firm that defended a major U.S. car manufacturer against lemon law claims. His past experience with defending major U.S. auto manufacturers against lemon law claims enabled him to fully understand the inner workings of this industry, including the deceptive tactics they employ to avoid taking full responsibility for their breach of vehicle warranty actions. Once he became an attorney, attorney Aguirre became an advocate for the consumer and a formidable opponent of the auto industry, prepared and willing to fight on behalf of his clients. 

Attorney and Proud Member of the U.S. Armed Forces

Luis Aguirre proudly served in the U.S. Armed Forces for 12 years, both on active duty and reserve components. His educational background consists of two master’s degrees in law as well as a Juris Doctor degree (J.D.). He is also an immigrant to the United States of America, a country he deeply respects and served proudly as a member of its armed forces.

When you work with our lemon law firm, we devote ourselves to defending you with honesty, integrity and always keeping you informed about your case. 

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Let us handle your Lemon Law Case with Military Precision

A knowledgeable lemon law attorney will assess whether a vehicle or truck manufacturer breached its contract by not delivering on promises as stated in the manufacturer’s express warranty and matching these violations against California’s lemon laws and related statutes. If you feel that your legal rights have been violated, contact us today. Our law offices are here to support you through the entirety of this process. 

Quality Legal Representation in San Clemente, CA and Orange County

If you’re searching for a San Clemente lemon law attorney and are concerned that a manufacturer may have breached their contract or warranty by not delivering a properly functioning vehicle, then you may have a lemon law case. The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act provides for attorneys fees and expenses to be paid by the vehicle manufacturer if the consumer prevails in their matter. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation. 

Find Out if you have a Lemon Law Case

    How many times has the vehicle been in the shop for repairs?

    Did you finance the vehicle with a loan?

    What did you purchase?

    What is going on with the vehicle? Select all that apply.

    About the City of San Clemente

    When San Clemente residents think of their town, they imagine a 1920’s vision of a Spanish Village by the Sea is still lingering. The sun shines on most occasions, and conveniences like metropolitan Southern California are balanced with fresh ocean air and untouched beaches that have not been influenced by time. This was no different 75 years ago when most coastal land between Los Angeles and San Diego was barren rolling hills covered in mustard or sagebrush—San Clemente was one such example.

    The small town of San Clemente has been a magnet for artists, writers, and other creatives. The position that the area holds is something to be admired. It managed to hold on to its character through all sorts of changes in culture, from hippies craving nature back in 1969 when there were only dirt roads leading into the ocean to modern-day tourists seeking beachfront hotels. 

    The town of San Clemente was among the first in America to be planned from scratch. The city was based on an expansive plan, based on Spanish Colonial architecture and features like restaurants, a clubhouse, residences, and public parks before erecting any buildings on the coastal hillsides.

    As San Clemente expands with people seeking homes within walking distance of a beachfront lifestyle, they are increasingly looking to find their sense of identity in old traditions, like those established at The Orange County Historical Society Museum when it opened its doors on December 12th, 1993. 

    The historic charm of San Clemente is carefully guarded by city codes that protect the aesthetic spirit and style. Yet as demographics in this area change, new residents are drawn to its Mediterranean-style Spanish Colonial Revival architecture with red roofs and balconies reminiscent of old Spain. This has enabled officials from development companies to funnel money into programs for restoring the downtown district bringing an even more authentic feel back.

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